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Pieces Currently for Sale


The Forbidden Fruit


This piece is a tribute to the loss of Virginity by violent means, and the healing process that must take place for decades after the violation.


One’s reaction to this very unique piece of sculpture will be influenced by one’s experiences and how sexuality was addressed during adolescence.  Reactions to this piece may range from embarrassment, shame, and anger, to humor or wonderment. 


Hopefully this sculpture will be viewed with the appreciation of the beauty of our bodies and the acceptance of the once “forbidden”.


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Kidney Stoned
Welded Steel Sculpture with Copper Accents
This is a great piece for a Nephrologist.
It has all the anomolies a Kidney doctor will appreciate, kidney stones, deformed ureter, urine leaking into a prolapsed bladder, and more.
Sealed to retard rust.
$1,500.00 USD
United States Delivery Only

Toe Jammed
Welded Steel Sculpture with Brass Accents
Measures:  11 1/2 " H x 5 1/2 " W x 11 " D
This is a great piece for a Podiatrist.
It has all the anomomies of the trade: a corn, bunyon, low arch,
ingrown toenail,
athletes foot, yellow nail fungus, and a Plantar's wart.
Sealed to retard rust.
$1,500.00 USD
United States Delivery Only 


Commissioned Pieces


Mother Oxygen 


Admiral Farragut 


Cold rolled steel, hand cut, bent and textured.


Cross with Trinity Knot 
12 ' tall by 6'wide.  
Cold rolled steel, hand cut, bent, textured
and hand fabricated trinity knot.